Maybe your lifestyle has changed, it could even be as simple as your interest has slightly in motorcycles has slightly declined. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to Sell The Bike then today might be the right time to explore your options. Now more than ever, there are many motorcycle dealers out there, online, who are happy to help when it comes to selling your bike.

It’s correct that selling your bike privately can get you a couple of hundred pounds more than selling to a dealer, but for the quick cash and the ease of the sale – many people don’t have many complaints.

How to sell your bike, step one. Dealers or private

Firstly you need to decide, private sale or  sale to a dealer.

When selling your bike, be aware that thieves can pose as potential buyers. They may ask up front for details of the bike, such as the VRM or the VIN, or the V5C, or for your personal details and could use this information to create their own fake ‘cloned’ ad. If they’re a genuine buyer, they will come and see the bike.

Whereas a dealer, you must think can also blackmail you and take your information, or 9/10 times they can be a legitimate dealership who know what they are doing and are very trustworthy, doing their job on a day in day out basis and will go through all the details with you on the sale.

But remember you will not make as much money from a dealership as you would through a private sale.

Be Realistic about the price

Another very important tip when it comes to selling your bike is to be realistic about the price – this is where many private sellers will struggle. The first step is to check the popular classified websites out there, mainly Autotrader, MCN and possibly eBay and Motorcycle Supermarket. Another key thing to remember is, being the cheapest doesn’t always guarantee that you will sell your bike, being too cheap will often lead to suspicions from buyers. But this doesn’t mean price your bike up more expensive, remember buying a bike off of a dealer will give you a warranty, some type of guarantee, and options for finance and part exchange. So you will have to be significantly cheaper than the dealers. Definitely, choosing a for sale price is one of the trickiest but most important things to do when selling your bike.

How to sell your bike, step two. “Sorting out your bike”

Next you need to decide whether you need to “sort” the bike. For example. Does the bike need cleaning or does it need fixing or parts ECT. Then you need top sort these things out. Get the bike in the best condition mechanically and physically to ensure that either the potential buyers or dealers would like to have that bike, remember theres lots of competition ou there so present your bike well, using a deacent soap and polish to get all the oil and dirt off the bike.


Remember to check your liquid levels, a potential idea may be to give the bike a service and change the filters and oil all together. this could help to keep your bike in its mechanical harmony between all of the overworking components in your bike.

Tyres, are they in a good or reasonable condition, do they need changing if they are below 2/32 of an inch or 15mm in other cases they are ILLEGAL and will need to be replaced, some dealers prefer to have tyres that are in a good condition, others may reject the bike due to a tyre condition. The best way to prevent this is to change the tyres if they are near the end of their life.

Chain and sprocket condition, this is a big one for both dealers and buyers, it can say a lot about a bike if the chain and sprocket are worn or in a bad way or even need replacing. As so try and sort this out before you get intouch with advertisers or dealers.

All of the above should be undertaken before you even try and put your bike on the market, try to achieve the best condition you can to maximise the sale price for you and the amount of potential buyers or dealers your bike may attract.

How to sell your bike, step three. “the tricky bit, advertising”

Now you have sorted your bike, and decided who you want to target with your sale, you need to advertise the bike.

In creating an advert, you will be targetting the gereral public and looking for a private sale of your bike, if you were looking to sell to a a dealer, skip this bit and read the selling to a dealer section.

Private sales

a private sale will involve all the hassle of getting people to view the advert (which means finding somewhere to place it) getting people to understand and think about buying your bike by looking at an advert, and selling the person the bike. This can be a long process and involve many hours of work to get the advert just right. First you need to plan and prep the advert, to do this, you need to know the price you wish to sell the bike for, be realistic. The details about the bike, what you need to write needs to be effective and relate to your bike in a positive way e.g. “superb Honda CBR 600″ not “tired old triumph trident sprint” . keep the advert factual and true, concerning your bike ONLY. take pictures of the bike, adverts without pictures are usually disregarded by people as they don’t see it as a genuine sale.

Selling to a dealer.

You need to find a dealer first, it isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but do shop around, some may offer to “BEAT ANY PRICE” be aware that this isn’t always true. Try to find one with a trusted site and with good reviews about them as they are more likely to give you the best offer and find a good home for your bike, many offer a free pickup too, but it is best to clarify with the dealer.

So happy selling .

Selling your bike? sell the bike.

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Sell The Bike

  • Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer – The most important thing to do when selling a bike is to make the bike look presentable. Make sure you clean your bike from top to bottom, it may take you 3-4 hours but for the difference it makes to a buyer it shouldn’t be overlooked. Get into every nook and cranny and make the bike look as though it is half its age. The same as if you were buying a bike, first impressions are everything, and regardless of anything else, if your bike isn’t clean it raises questions to any potential buyer as to whether the bike has been looked after.
  • Price the bike correctly – One of the harder things you will have to do is decide on a price, the best way to do this would be to comparte the market, in particularly the local market and price your bike accordingly. Remember though a bike can be advertised for much more than you believed it to be worth but this doesn’t mean that the bike will sell for this price. Be realistic – Price your bike too high and it may be overlooked by potential buyers, Price your bike too cheap and suspicions arise.