number plates on the back of bikesLooking for a new bike?

Are you looking to upgrade your bike to something that suits your style more? As a person advances career-wise, it is normal for tastes to change. When making this shift, you may need to sell your UK motorcycle private number plate before getting a new bike. It is not uncommon for one to trade off one that’s functional for something tailored for pleasure. If it’s your first time, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to go about making the sale and knowing what’s required.

Guidelines: The Checklist

Under the Number Plate Transfer Rules, there are some criteria that one needs to check off before the plates change owners. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you begin the application process:

  • Is the vehicle currently taxed and have a valid MOT?
  • Is the registration number is held on an unexpired certificate (V750 or V778)?
  • Are you the official purchaser (grantee)?
  • If the answer is ‘no’ to the above, do you have full consent of the purchaser (grantee)?
  • Does your logbook, or the V5 registration document, state that the registration number is transferable?

If your answers to the above are all yes, then you may be eligible for the selling your customized number plates.

What happens if the road tax or MOT is expired?

There are circumstances under which a motorcycle would not be taxed or undergo MOT. Should that the case, there are other requirements you ought to meet before selling that 7X5 number plate. At the time of transfer:

  • The expiration date of the road tax does not exceed six months
  • At the time of the road tax expiration, the MOT was valid
  • The road tax is valid at the time of transfer even though the MOT is expired
  • The expiry happened due to not applying for a refund
  • You were the registered owner of the motorcycle before any expiration of the road tax or MOT

At all times, the MOT, whether valid or expired, needs to be presented. It goes without saying; the motorcycle needs to exist. If it’s scrapped, the registration number plate is void. Should you be looking to get rid of your vehicle for whatever reason, the transfer needs to take place first before selling the plates.

How do I sell it?

There are various ways to go about making a sale. You can hire the services of a company for a commission. Most companies will require you to fill a request form for Number Plate Valuation. After processing, you receive a quote stating the estimated value of the plates based on current market factors. You are however at liberty to revise the figures up or down. Depending on the fee, these companies then advertise on your behalf on their platform. You can equally do the same but use your channels to sell your UK customized number plates. The rest becomes quite easy.