If you’ve got a little extra time on your hands, or you’re looking for a change of career, combining a hobby or passion such as biking with a business could be a great option. 

Setting up a bike sales business does require some investment of time and finances, but can be a fulfilling and profitable business that you can take on as a side project, or as a full time business. If you’re wondering how to sell bikes or become a bike salesman, take a look at some ideas below to get your business started.

Photo by SplitShire

How to Sell Motorbikes

Setting up a used bike dealership, or selling new bikes, doesn’t have to be a complicated process. There are a number of ways to sell motorbikes, so spend some time deciding which option suits your situation best before diving in.


Autotrader is a tried and tested method for selling bikes. It has a large, keen audience, which means that you’re unlikely to struggle to find a buyer, no matter whether you’re selling new or used bikes. Selling on Autotrader also has the benefit of being affordable (you’re only charged a small fee for the adverts that you place) and easy, with very limited risk or capital outlay. Autotrader is also a great place to search for used bikes to sell on, and with nearly 20,000 bikes advertised, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice!


If you’re planning on selling bikes full-time, and have cash to invest in setting up proper premises, you may want to consider getting a showroom. You’ll need to find a suitable, busy location with enough indoor and outdoor space to allow you to have a great range of bikes available. Finding a location, kitting it out and buying enough bikes to fill your showroom can be a lengthy and expensive process, but will make your business seem professional and trustworthy.


Selling motorcycles online is another great low-risk option. There are a number of ways you can sell bikes online – from eBay to specialist forums, to setting up your own dedicated website. Having a good grasp of the internet and technology will help you to harness the power of online sales, and by doing a little marketing on social media, you’ll be able to boost your presence (and hopefully your sales too!). Find out more about selling bikes online here.

Selling on to Bigger Dealers


An alternative option available to you is selling bikes onto bigger dealers. To be successful in doing this, you’ll need to have a great eye for a bargain to be able to make profit when selling onto other dealers. Your profit margins may be lower doing this than selling directly to customers, but if you enjoy the challenge of discovering a hidden gem, this may be a good option for you.

If you’re passionate about bikes, and have the dedication to building your business, you’ll be able to build a profitable business that lets you work on that passion each and every day.