Your Guide to Making the Most out of your Motorbike Sale

Does your bike look like something you’d want to buy? If the answer is no, then why should anyone else want to part with their cash to take it home? Investing in some cleaning gear could mean you’ll make more than enough money back to cover it, whilst getting a prompt and reliable sale under your belt.


Make it Personal

 Buyers just love to feel connected to their items, so it can help bump up the price of your sale – or at the very least, minimise haggling – if you share some positive anecdotes connected to the bike. Make sure you also give a positive reason for selling the bike (i.e. “I’m upgrading” or “I no longer need a bike” rather than “I hate this piece of crap!”).

Choose the Right Asking Price – Do your Research

 The fact that you’re reading this means you’ve made a good start, but you need to study your bike prices if you want to avoid getting ripped off. Have a look through gumtree for your bike’s make, model, and age, to see what price you should be sticking to.

Make Sure the Sale is Final – Do your Paperwork

 When selling anything to anyone you need to make sure you have a written record of it. You don’t want somebody changing their mind and claiming the sale wasn’t final. Make sure you have a contract prepared which includes a “sold as seen” statement, or use a pre-prepared sale document if it suits what you’re selling. That way, you can rest easy knowing the money is yours, and your bike has moved on for good.


 Don’t get Ripped Off

 Make sure you have at least one other person with you when hosting a viewing of your bike. This will avoid any nasty surprises if your buyer shows up with lots of friends, tries to pressure you down on price, or pulls any tricks to save themselves some cash. It’s a valuable item after all; it makes sense to be careful.


 Sell Quickly

 This one might seem like the less-than-ideal approach when you want to increase your profit, but every day your bike sits lonely on your drive is another day you’re not making any money from it, and another day for it to accumulate dirt and go down in price. Finding a good balance between being prepared for, getting a good price for, and not spending too much time on your sale is definitely something worth focusing on.


Photo by Baptiste C David