Let’s do away with the extraneous stuff, shall we? Naked bikes are a ton of fun. We relish their flexibility, handling and fair prices. We never tire of greeting the next pair of wheels through our doors, particularly when they are in the purest form a motorcycle can be…

We’ve long tracked the UK market for naked bikes, and we want you to know what the best ones are. You can take the following list as gospel for what’s shifting buyers’ interest into sixth gear in 2018.

KTM 390 Duke

It’s been five years since the original 390 model debuted. In that time, KTM have made a handful of tweaks to the frame, suspension, brakes, and the seat, which has been raised a little for added control. The bike itself is taller – 15mm, to be precise – giving it better ground clearance, and the wheel base has lost 10mm for increased agility.

Kawasaki Z650

One of the best names in motorcycling has raced to the head of the crowd again with the Kawasaki Z650. It demonstrates just what makes naked bikes so special: the light touch of the ride, supported by a featherweight chassis. A four-stroke, two-cylinder, 649cc engine gives it the punch of a true sport vehicle. With a single glance at the design, you’ll be aching to race it against contenders that pale in comparison.

Harley-Davidson Street Bob

Harley sales have been backsliding for several years. They are trying to kick the brand into life again with the Street Bob model, which can lean around noodling roads in the countryside and on tight city junctures. At just over £12,000 for a new bike, it’s still pricey, but we’ve come to expect that from this manufacturer. What’s surprising, though, is how nimble it feels with the typical Harley elements stripped off.

Yamaha MT-10

It’s being marketed as the ‘Ray of Darkness’, and we’re confident that’s down to the sleek build, and the fact that you’ll barely see it shooting past in the dead of night. Thanks to a max power of almost 160bhp, the MT-10 is one of a select few stunning naked bikes for long, heady journeys on the open road. It’s reminiscent of the FZ series, but can care for calmer speeds if necessary.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

A street cycle is hard to come by in the range of naked bikes. Yet the Vitpilen 701 from Husqvarna is a marvel, with excellent traction on tarmac and a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine. The exhaust has a silencer so you barely hear it on the morning commute. For the city-dweller, we can’t recommend this enough.

Got any favourites of your own?